When we look out of our windows, we see a world that could be more beautiful, more creative and more sustainable. We’re not interested in business as usual; we’re interested in business being better. For both people and the planet. Since 2006, we’ve been helping companies and organisations identify, communicate and improve areas of their work that make the world a happier and healthier place. We design and develop clear and compelling messages with sustainability at their core. And we do it on paper, online and in three-dimensional displays. If you’d like to find out more, come in and say hi, give us a call or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!


We give your ideas, values and concepts a form – both verbal and visual. And with a bespoke communication approach, we’re able to reach your target audience, whoever they are. We work across multiple formats, so whether it’s an exhibition stand or a website, print work or a presentation, illustrations or information design, social media or strategy, our skills and experience ensure clarity and creativity every time. We can assist you in nurturing the first kernel of an idea into being, right through to developing the final product. Or if you come to us with a problem along the way, we will focus on the areas you need us most. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our previous projects.


Communicating visions of a better future is a very effective tool for change. We often arrange creative workshops and lectures on sustainability communication and graphic design for companies, design academies and universities. Just get in touch to find out more.


More and more companies are choosing to communicate their sustainability approach in an annual report. And it’s an important task, but one that is too often under-utilised. While GRI indexes and GHG emissions might not make the sexiest stories, they do create great opportunities for boosting value and engaging audiences. With our extensive experience in design and layout, we can ensure your sustainability reports contain all the information required, as well as create a captivating narrative that extends far beyond a single document.


Spaces speak, so it’s important to ensure their message is clear and compelling. We design and build displays and exhibitions, as well as receptions, meetings rooms and cafes that will bring your company or organisation’s story to life. Well-conceived spaces, created with environmentally sensitive materials, not only enhance the credibility of what you do, but serve to strengthen your sustainability narrative to both employees and customers. We begin with curiosity and innovation. Where we finish is up to you…


Our clients have two important things in common. They’re all working for a better and more sustainable future. And they all want our help to communicate about it. By taking a committed and creative approach to sustainability communications, they’re adding significant value to their business or organisation. It can mean more customers, a better brand and more satisfied employees. At Sustainable Studio, our mission is to make sure this happens.

We’re proud to work with Gina Tricot, KRAV, Lunds kommun, Malmö University, Malmö Stad, Reko Deli, Sveriges kommuner och landsting, Tetra Pak and many more. We’d love you to join us. Take a look at our portfolio or contact us to find out more.


We’re always happy to receive requests online or over the phone. But we’re also big believers in personal meetings. That way we can learn more about you, your organisation and the particular challenges you’re facing. Come visit our lovely studio, meet our designers, thinkers and creators, and enjoy an eco-coffee while we work out how to make your business better.

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