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Doing your best is no longer good enough. To avoid climate breakdown we must all do the seemingly impossible. It means that time has come for bold and brave action. For loud and clear messages. And that is exactly why we are here.

Let’s change the game ︎

Sproud – vegan milk powered by peas 

Say hello to the new key player in the dairy shelf! Sproud is taking lead in the paradigm shift towards a plant based diet. A nutritious and tasty way to fight climate breakdown.

Brand identity, campaign concept and packaging design.

Martin Kann, creative director. Lina Olivia Gustavsson, art director/designer. Pontus Holmgren, copywriter. Katarina Gröndahl, copywriter. Marcus Nilsson, photographer. WeMake/Sproud, final art.

Proethos – saying goodbye to financial emissions 

Entrepreneur Magnus Alfredsson had enough of conventional banking ethics and set out to build his own sustainable mutual fund. And he made it more affordable than the funds with Nordic swan ecolable. Turns out it delivers great – it’s now top ranked in it’s group. Hats off to that!

Brand identity in close collaboration with Martin Kann Group.

Martin Kann, creative director. Lina Olivia Gustavsson, art director/designer. 

Tetra Pak Nordics – pointing out a new path 

Decoupling as a way forward. Can a business grow as it decreases it’s CO2 emissions? No doubt - the packaging giant sets an example and shows the industry that change is possible.

Handcrafted infographics are central in this sustainability report, designed with a magazine approach. Awarded with nominations in the Swedish Design Prize and the Swedish Publishing Prize.

Lina Olivia Gustavsson,  
creative director/art director. Karolina Schéle,  graphic designer/final art. Jesper Yngvesson, copywriter. Oscar Wettersten, photographer.

Walking the talk in Lund

During the European Mobility Week towns and cities showcase their commitment to clean and sustainable urban transport. The municipality of Lund asked Sustainable Studio to help out with creative strategy and design for the 2018 event focusing on pedestrians. We had a lot of fun catching the attention with street graphics –  painting the streets and pavements (and even a car!) with zeebra crossings.

Team:  Lina Olivia Gustavsson, creative director/designer. Martin Kann, creative. Håkon Garpestad, creative. Pontus Holmgren, copywriter.

Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg – safety first

Client owned insurance company Länsförsäkringar Kronoberg is fighting global challenges through local engagement and responsible investment. We designed their Sustainability Report and together with our friends at TomorrowToday we helped out with the sustainability strategy. 

Team:  Lina Olivia Gustavsson, creative director/designer. Ola Lindgren, graphic design/final art. Hanna Bremander, sustainability advisor.